Hi there, I'm Bear 👋

  • Product Designer at Xero
  • Design Mentor at CareerFoundry & Springboard
  • Conference Speaker at UX New Zealand, Macworld, IxD China
  • Previous worked at Vodafone (Senior UX Designer), Les Mills (UX/UI Designer)

Hi there! I’m Bear, a Product Designer, a Design Mentor, and an Apple Award-Winning Podcast Host.

I’m a self-taught designer with a science educational background who has helped large enterprises, startups, and clients across China, the US, and New Zealand with digital products – for over 16 years. Between my work hours and family time, I read, draw, do podcasts and make videos around tech, design and productivity.

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My journey

After working for over 10 years as a graphic and multimedia designer, I moved to a new country without any local working experience, let alone experience in UX. This was a challenging but stimulating move, right? I taught myself UX in 6 months and landed my first UX job with New Zealand's top fitness company. Now, I'm a Product Designer at one of the best tech companies in the Southern Hemisphere, and I'm mentoring design students to transition their career to design and start their UX Design journey.

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